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4th and Final Set of Topics for RED 6747



Put your name next to the Topic Below that You Choose. Then go ahead and put just the topic in Square Brackets to CREATE the page. Then SAVE at the bottom of the Editor. And LEAVE this page.


Then turn to your newly assigned page and add your name to it.





Schema Theory (Richard Anderson) including Prior Knowledge & Activation

1.Amanda Hatten

2.Maleesa Redish

3.Raiza Garcia



Story Grammar (Stein & Glenn)

1. Cynthia Boles

2. Suzanne Pfeiffer



Concept Mapping (Joseph Novak & Alberto Canas)

1.June Kent

2.Crystal Wise



Graphic Organizers including Outlining and other Visual Representation of Internalized Knowledge

1. Julie Mcgill

2. Kelly Murphy

3. Kim Freeman



Perceiving Text Structure (Expository & Narrative)

1. Clark Barrow



Concept of Story (Applebee)

1.Annette Gebhardt

2.Vironica Simmons



Questioning (Metacognitive Activity) including generating questions and prediction

1.Deborah Louie

2.Vanessa Avis

3.Kathi Crittenden



Reciprocal Teaching (Palincsar & Brown)

1.Philicia Randolph

2.Jeanice Lewis




1.Christy Nobles

2.Sara Mcginnis



Critical Thinking

1.Carolyn Morin

2.Caryn Bell



1. Stacee Jennings

2. Sara Sewell



Comprehending Metaphorical Language

1.Paul Stewart

2. Elizabeth Walker












Fluency Issues


1. Crystal Wise

2. June Kent

3.Vanessa Avis


Reading Rate

1. Cynthia Boles

2. Deborah Louie

3. Suzanne Pfeiffer



1. Stacee Jennings

2.Carolyn Morin

3. Caryn Bell


Repeated Readings including Support Reading Techniques

1. Julie Mcgill

2. Kelly Murphy

3. Amanda Hatten



1.Kathi Crittenden

2. Philicia Randolph




1.Jeanice Lewis

2.Christy Nobles

3.Sara Mcginnis


Independent Reading

1. Raiza Garcia

2. Maleesa Redish

3. Kim Freeman




1. Clark Barrow

2. Paul Stewart




1. Vironica Simmons

2. Elizabeth Walker


Reading Levels of Books

1. Sara Sewell




&&&&&& 2nd Set of Topics &&&&&



Put your name next to the Topic Below that You Choose. Then go ahead and put just the topic in Square Brackets to CREATE the page. Then SAVE at the bottom of the Editor. And LEAVE this page.


Then turn to your assignment page and add your name to it.




Spelling Researchers:

Edmund Henderson Christy Nobles 1

Richard Venezky Annette Gebhardt 2

Noah Webster Vironica Simmons 3

Charles Read Paul Stewart 4


For Sorting:

d/t flap

Schwa Jeanice Lewis 5

Long (tense) Vowels Philicia Randolph 6

Sonorant consonants l-m-n Kim Freeman 7

Phonology Caryn Bell 8

AffricationMaleesa Redish 9


Phonemic Awareness (Focus on What is important about it.)

Student 1 Amanda Hatten 10

Student 2 Carolyn Morin 11


Phonemic Awareness As A Predictor of Reading Achievement

Phonemic Awareness Studies 1970s

student 1 Suzanne Pfeiffer 12

student 2 Cynthia Boles 13

student 3 Deborah Louie 14


Phonemic Awareness Studies 1980's

student 1 Vanessa Avis 15

student 2 Sara Mcginnis 16

student 3 Kathi Crittenden 17


Phonemic Awareness Studies 1990s

student 1 Clark Barrow 18

student 2 Julie Mcgill 19

student 3 Kelly Murphy 20

student 4 Raiza Garcia 21


Phonemic Awareness Studies 2000s

student 1 Sara Sewell 22

student 2 Stacee Jennings 23

student 3 Crystal Wise 24

student 4 Elizabeth Walker 25

student 5 June Kent 26




Carol Chomsky, Suzanne Pfeiffer

Glenda Bissex Philicia Randolph

Orthography Paul Stewart

Word Study Vironica Simmons

Word Sorts Carolyn Morin

Word Hunts Cynthia Boles

Word Walls Kelly Murphy

Sound Sorts Amanda Hatten

Pattern Sorts June kent

Picture Sorts Vanessa Avis

Developmental Spelling Theory Maleesa Redish

Spelling Stages, Clark Barrow

Emergent Stage,Crystal Wise

Letter Name Stage Sara Sewell

Transitional Stage,Jeanice Lewis**

Within-Word Patterns, Elizabeth Walker

long vowel Elizbeth Walker

Syllables and Affixes, Raiza Garcia

Derivational Relations, Sara Mcginnis

Short (lax) Vowels (for sorting), Caryn Bell

r controlled vowels Kathi Crittenden

Past tense affix(for sorting), Christy S. Nobles

Concept of Word, Stacee Jennings

Phonological Awareness (detecting syllables), Deborah Louie

Phonemic Awareness (phoneme detection) Kim Freeman

Onset and Rhyme Julie Mcgill

Simplified Spelling Society Annette Gebhardt

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