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Suzanne Pfeiffer

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Hello everyone,

My name is Suzanne Pfeiffer and I work at West Navarre Intermediate School in Santa Rosa County. It’s my first year at WNIS and, so far, I’m loving it. I teach ESE PreK – the sweetest group of kids out there. Still, I did need the holiday, but too many plans and too little time (or lack of time management) lead to almost nothing being accomplished. I am refreshed, though, and glad to be back in the classroom. I’m also glad to be approaching the end of this Reading M.Ed. program. =)


Professional organizations of which I am a member:

International Reading Association (IRA)

National Education Association (NEA)


Pages I have authored:

Story Grammar

Reading Rate

Phonemic Awareness Studies 1970s

Carol Chomsky


Pages on which I have commented:

Phonemic Awareness Studies 2000s

Schema Theory

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