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My name is Julie Mcgill and I work at NB Cook Elementary as the SRA reading teacher. I am currently enrolled in my 4th semester at UWF and should graduate this summer with a Masters in Reading Education.


OMG! My holiday was the most memorable holiday in my short 44 years of life. 17 members of my immediate family flew to Big Sky MT and spent 8 days together. We had my father/mother 4 siblings with spouses and 7 out of 9 grandkids on the trip. We snowmobiled Yellowstone, dog sled on Moonlight Basin, Skied Big Sky Resort and went on a night time sleigh ride for New Years Eve. All the time was spent enjoying the company and the events. Can you believe not one fight, argument or even a cross word.


Pages I have authored:

Onset and Rhyme

Phonemic Awareness Studies 1990s(co-authored)

Repeated Readings (co-authored)

Repeated Reading Chart

Chapter 10 Repeated Reading


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