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Disappearing Bees Task

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Why are honeybees disappearing?


Your Tasks will be to:
·        Research the honeybee and record findings in your Top Secret Honeybee Journal. 
·        Plan and plant a garden that will replicate the honeybees’ habitat.  
·        Create an illustrated, informative brochure on the plight of the honeybee to be given to the public. 

Understanding a few important concepts will provide the clues needed to help you crack this case.
 Important Concepts
1.  Honeybees are important for the pollination of certain crops and for the production of honey.
2.  Pesticides, pathogens, and the varroa mite are threatening the honeybee population.
3.  The honeybees' habitat is diminishing.
4. Scientists are researching Colony Collapse Disorder.

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