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My name is Crystal Wise. I am 24 years old. This is my LAST semester of my Reading masters! I am so excited! I teach kindergarten at R.C. Lipscomb Elementary. This is my second year teaching. This winter break I spent my time remodeling my house. I tiled my kitchen and bathrooms, put down new wooden laminate floors and gutted my bathroom, which is still not finished. (I do have another bathroom!)I also took some time over the break to relax. It was great! =)



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I have commented on the following:

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Sound SortsAmanda Hatten 2/1/07

Charles Read Paul Stewart 2/20/07

Schwa Jeanice Lewis 2/20/07

Long (tense) Vowels Philicia Randolph 2/20/07

Prosody Stacee Jennings, Carolyn Morin, Caryn Bell 3/26/07

Story Grammar Suzanne Pfeiffer, Cynthia Boles 4/26/07

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