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Hi everyone,


My name is Clark Barrow and I am a mathematics teacher at Davidson Middle School in Crestview, Florida. I really enjoy middle school students and I am enjoying my job. The first 20 years of my working career were as a Building Contractor. After about 20 years, I decided to go back to college, earn a degree, and obtain a professional position so I could spend more time with my family; I have not regretted my decision.


I spent my Christmas break with my family. I also worked painting the inside of my house so it looks clean and fresh. I find the two-week winter break an excellent time to complete small jobs around the house and accomplish small, personal goals.


I look forward to working with all of you in this class,

Clark E. Barrow



A few of my authored pages concerning spelling stages:

  1. Spelling Stages
    1. Affixes
    2. Decoding
    3. English Orthography
    4. Homophones
    5. Syllables
    6. Phonics
  2. Phonemic Awareness Studies 1990s (co-authored)
    1. tapping task (created 2/17/07)
    2. phonological knowledge (created 2/17/07)
    3. longitudinal study (created 2/20/07)
  3. Readability (co-authored)
    1. readability of texts
    2. syntactic(created 3/12/07)
    3. semantic readability(created 3/12/07)
    4. readability formula (created 3/14/07)
    5. background knowledge (created 3/14/07)
    6. number of syllables (created 3/14/07)
  4. Perceiving Text Structure
    1. Main Idea Structure (created 4/2/07)
    2. List Structure (created 4/2/07)
    3. Order Structure (created 4/2/07)
    4. Compare and Contrast Structure (created 4/2/07)
      1. Block style (created 4/2/07)
      2. Alternating style (created 4/2/07)
    5. Classification Structure (created 4/2/07)
    6. purpose (created 4/4/07)


Additional authored pages:

Interventions with Phonological Skills



Pages I am commenting on:


Syllables and Affixes by Raiza Garcia (commented on February 2, 2007)

Simplified Spelling Society by Annette Gebhardt (commented on February 4, 2007)

Sound Sorts by Amanda Hatten (commented on February 4, 2007)

Phonemic Awareness (commented on 2/17/07)

Phonemic Awareness Studies 1970s (commented on 2/17/07)

Phonemic Awareness Studies 1980's (commented on 2/19/07)

Context (commented on 3/27/07)

Graphic Organizers (commented on 4/27 & 4/28/07)


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